Thursday, April 16, 2009


I came to the conclusion today that I have a love/hate affair with email. I guess the same can be said of snail mail- even though all that tends to bring anymore is bills, since everyone now uses email for communication. But email, it's different. If you're lucky to have an account that offers really good spam protection you can almost be assured that everything in your inbox is stuff you want to read. Which is cool. When I went on vacation last year I didn't check my email--- big mistake. I think there were over 500 messages when I got back- but only a few that mattered to me-- hence the new email address!
Ok, the love/hate thing. Since switching addresses I have found there is a direct correlation between the number of emails sent and the number received. (DUH!) Anyway, it really bummed me out when I opened my inbox to see no new emails from people I want to stay in touch with. THEN I realize that to receive you have to "give." And with the lack of time to "chat", well, I guess it goes without saying that no one wants to chat to someone who doesn't respond. So, while I love to stay in touch, I hate to stay in touch too. Does that make any sense?
Anybody else ever feel like this???

Friday, April 10, 2009

Newest Member of the Family

Say hi to Madi- the newest addition to the household. Let me just tell you- it is like having a baby in the house- she needs to be fed on a schedule, taken out at specific times, and generally loved like a baby. Last night I was up later than usual, and the "poor thing" kept crying at me-- she wanted to go to bed, which she couldn't do without me. How sad is that???
And... notice the floor. OK, it's not the greatest photo, it's from my blackberry, which I'm not really used to yet-but you get the idea. Anyway- the floor- if you look really close you can see pieces of it missing. Seems that the madster likes to chew on it. She's found a way to gnaw up pieces of it- which I've found in the strangest places.
But, even with that, she is adorable and fun. I never though I would say this-- but I'm so glad we got her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ever wonder part 2

More thoughts to ponder...

Ever wonder why when you lose weight, you lose it where you don't want to? After all these years it finally looked like I hit puberty-- I had a real chest-- AND DIDN'T HAVE TO BUY PADDED BRAS!!! And now, embracing the new diet- well, lets just say that the best things are the first to go.

Ever wonder why it is McD's started selling fancy coffee??? Do they think they can compete with SB's? Maybe it's just me, but if i want a cheap, fast burger, I'll head to McD's. If I want good coffee, (which I always want, need, crave) I head to SB.

Ever wonder where they come up with the ideas for some of these reality shows and the people that take part in them? I mean really, who wants to be branded a bridezilla? Tha's just what I want to do- go on national tv and show what a b---- I am to the world, NOT!

And what about the movies- another Star Trek. Have all the writers lost all originality and creativity??? Why all the remakes?

Ever wonder why people like me feel the need to post the silly things they think about??

'Til next time, Blessings,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ever wonder

Questions for the (?) masses...

Ever wonder why it is you bother to try and do something even when you know it will be met with great resistance?

Ever wonder what God's plan is for you?

Ever wonder what happens to you when you die?

Ever wonder why stale peeps taste so much better than fresh ones?

Ever wonder why watching a movie while cuddling is so much nicer than watching the same movie alone?

Ever wonder why the mindless games are your blackberry are so addicting?

Ever wonder what happens next....?

Playing in photo shop creating water for the thesis project (the creation story)- which is SAID AND DONE!!!