Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another trip to DC

Just got back from our annual trip to DC. I am such a dork- I love that place. I had a blast with the new camera. Hopefully I will get some photos posted over the next few days. This is one of my favorite- just for the blue of the sky.

We had great weather- sunny and 80 most of the time. Can't beat that. We must have walked at least 20 miles a day- and my feet hurt enough to show it. There was a exhibition on the mall while we were there- public and armed services. It was really cool to be able to see, (and get in) the various equipment that is being used by the military to fight the war, from helicopters to humvees. The only down side to it was the protestors that forced it to close early. While I totally support people's right to free speech, and am not in total agreement (at all) with the reasons for this war, I do believe that the troops there deserve our support. They are doing there jobs. For people to mock, threaten and do other things to the service men and women is totally unacceptable.

While I was there I heard from my oldest son. Thank God! He's alive and well, and in...Iraq. Which does not thrill me at all. Seems he got a hair up his rear to take a job with some construction company that is rebuilding over there. I don't get it. But it's not my life. I will give him this, he checks in every few days to let me know he's ok, and sends me a text every now and then. Wonder how much that costs?- To call and text from over there? Seems so far away.

Until later...
blessings and love,