Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ranting about Micromanagement and other things

From the Cincinnati Zoo- I understand how he feels.
Ever wonder what motivates some people? I do. I guess I really wonder why some people- not mentioning any names here or places that would be identifiable-have the insane urge to control EVERYTHING. Yeap, caps. I do mean EVERYTHING.

Case in point... I left something- a note to myself- on my desk Friday (at that place I work which shall remain nameless)- just a reminder of how I needed to do something for future reference. Nothing big- just one of those little notes one writes oneself as a reminder. You know, in shorthand that you understand. It's like when I go to the grocery. A typical list might look like
1. h2o
2. pt- (paper towels)
3.tp- (toilet paper)
and so on. You get the idea.
Ok, so my grip, rant, issue...
I came in Monday to find my note- which had things crossed out and rewritten in other shorthand- not my shorthand, mind you- but someone else's shorthand.  Really??? Really!!! They had nothing better to do than edit my notes- my personal notes that were STRICTLY A REMINDER TO MYSELF???!!!

It totally blew me away. I was amazed at the extreme level of micro management that occurs on all too often a basis. I was more than a little upset- can you tell? But I'm good now. I think. Well at least until the next issue comes up.

Next rant- I saw on the library's website that they are pushing Chaney's bio- who really wants to read that???  Just wondering. To me that would be worse than reading Bush's. Well, George W's anyway. George H's might not be too bad- as long as I don't have to agree with his politics.

And finally- I saw an article today that discussed Dumbledore being gay. Really? I've read all the books at least twice and have not picked up on that. Why does he have to be anything other than a wise wizard?

til next time...Oh, I guess I really have dropped the ball on this website's intent. Oh well...that's a whole other post...