Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

Hi. Happy Monday! Just think- it's all downhill from here- Friday is just a few short days away.
I know, I'm silly. I had a loooong busy weekend and I'm still feeling it- I had to go back to work to recover! We did lots of fun things- dinner with friends, school work, church(es) and put together gifts boxes for Operation Christmas Child. That was a blast, finding things that would fit in a shoe box, that you know a child would like. If you've never done it I highly suggest doing it next year. Just the joy of doing it made it great- the idea that in some way I'm loving on someone I don't even know- that's huge. A step towards loving as God loves us!
This weekend promises to be just as jam packed- with the food drive and the welcoming dinner for Richard at Good Shepherd (I am so proud of him!), but I can't wait. If only I can fit in things like homework and sleep...
Speaking of homework, I finally figured out how to include things I've created- like this poster. I was so excited about figuring that out. There's a whole lot more stuff that I've created that I enjoy or am proud of that I would like to share ('fess up- my photos suck!)- AND now I know how to do it! Isn't that great- well at least to me it is! The poster was a school project- I really enjoy the feathers- created in Illustrator. I think they turned out pretty well. So, I'm sure there will be more stuff that pops up. And I'm sure there will be more photos- if I don't start on the final, well, that would be a really bad thing. But keep an eye out for the llamas- my personal Christmas card- Ok- I know, what do llamas have to do with Christmas- well, in my world it works- they could have been at the birth- they are relatives of the camel.
The photo is a little fuzzy-it was taken last week at the installation ceremony at GSCC, when some of the people gathered around Richard to pray. I was pretty torn, I wanted to be up there with him, but wanted a picture too- so when someone volunteered to take it for me I jumped at that- and I am so grateful to them. It was a pretty intense experience- to feel the love and spirit that was in the room. I'm really glad I got to share that with him.
Until next time- remember, every minute is a blessing and a gift.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fall is in the air

Wow, it's cold today. I broke down and turned the heat on- I had promised myself I wouldn't do this until AT LEAST Thanksgiving- but it's really cold today. Some promises are meant to be broken! I think I need to move south!

Actually, as strange as this sounds, I welcome the fall and coming winter. It brings new beginnings, with the new church and all, but more than that it signifies the end of 2007- something I never thought would come. As I look back on this year I am truly thankful that God has been with me through all the troubles, heartaches and trials that have happened. The one really good thing that has come out of this year is the well of faith I have found inside myself, and the love that God has shown me, the support and the strength.

It's been a year of growth in that aspect. As I look back at it I wonder why it was so important to grow, and have I learned all I need to learn, grown in the ways I need to grow and gotten to the place where I need to be? I'm really not sure on any of those accounts. Then I transgress of into thoughts of- did I really need to have my house destroyed, or, why did Lori have to die, or why did the people who stole from me need to do that, or why the rollercoaster ride in personal matters? None of it makes much sense. I know I'll never get the answers I need to these questions-but one thing is certain- it is all coming to an end- 12:01 am on 12-2-07 signifies a NEW YEAR! (at least to me)- and on that date, as I have so many, many times in the past months, I will thank God once again for seeing me through, and embrace whatever the day may bring!

God is good. Embrace the day, minute and hour- and give thanks for all He's done.