Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Grow Up We Must Go Deeper

HI! Long time no write. It's been a busy season, and well, I've been hibernating.  Kinda, sorta. Really just trying to deal with the daily stuff that gets thrown my way, and some other stuff that is just once in a lifetime stuff- hopefully. In other words, too down to write, and too paralyzed to do much of anything. But that's gonna change...I'm gonna make it change.

So, here we are. 2011. I know, a little late on that observation. I started a bible study last week at Crossroads- Go Deeper. One of the premises for tonight's session was that we have to grow up to grow deeper. Which makes tons of sense. We can't remain babies when there is work that needs to be done by adults. We can't grow closer to who God wants us to be if we don't dig inside ourselves and figure out just who that is. Part of growing deeper for me right now means facing the fears and other crap head on. I wish someone could tell me what that looks like. But then- I wouldn't be digging deeper, would I? Someone would be telling me what I "need"- and I don't think that will work.

So, going deeper means...
-trusting more- which is so hard for me- I don't trust much in life except death and taxes...
-listening more- oh what a hard one for me that is. Too many years of doing it my way.

That's a start.


on the photos- I haven't had the energy -too down- to do anything. Which really sucks. I got a tripod for Christmas and haven't even opened it yet. But here's one I like...