Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ever wonder where time goes? For years I worked every weekend, mostly on Sundays, and the just on Saturdays- so having a job that gives me every weekend off is great. I totally embraced being a "9 to 5" gal, and this weekend thing. But I've come to the conclusion that maybe I need a day off on Mondays to recover from the weekend. Wouldn't that be nice? Not that I'm a party animal, or anything like that- it's just that the time goes so fast- trying to get so much done.
One of my goals for 2008 has been to devote time to getting to know God better- might sound silly to some, but it's the truth. It's been a blessing to me to be able to spend time every morning reading the bible. I've found strength in the scriptures that surprised me. One of the things I've tried to do more and more is spend time in prayer- which was a stretch for me- I hold a paradigm close to my heart that says that I am too insignificant for God to listen to, so why would he listen to my prayers. It's been a definite growth lesson to see many of my prayers answered, and to hear the voice of God in the silence.
There really is something to the idea- being still and knowing God. Hope all is well with anyone who reads this.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trying this again

Ok, it didn't work the first time- so here I am again. Persistence is a good thing, right? Anyway, I'm pasting in a link- if you copy it it will take you to my video on ( another page to manage- haven't done anything with it yet?).


Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo Final

Hi! If this works, I'm adding my final from photo class. We'll see. If it doesn't work, well I'll try again. Keep in mind that I really am not a photographer, or a video maker. But it was done with love, for God and for the song, so it works for me. The timing needs a little work towards the end- but that's not going to happen any time soon!
This really was a work of love for me. This song speaks to me. The whole CD does really. I got lucky with it- have you ever bought a CD because you really like one song, only to find that the one song you liked is the only one you like? Not so with this CD- I love them all- and they touch me, and bring me closer to my Savior and God. That's what it's all about- the relationship we choose to have with Him- because it is a choice- one that we renew daily (hopefully).
Ok- other stuff... hmmm,I don't have too much to say... (what??) If you see this and want to comment that would be great. If not, well I hope it speaks to you. I thought I would be really tired of the song by the time I was done with this- you had to keep starting and stopping, trying to get the timing right, and I thought my kids would be tired of it- but shockingly, they are not. In fact, they like the song. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Forgiveness and Values

I heard a very interesting mini sermon today that focused on the theme of forgiveness, and how as Christians we are called to "forgive others as we forgive ourselves." It made me think of quite a few things- the first and foremost, was that forgiveness is at times a chore- something I struggle with greatly. Not something I'm proud to admit, but it's true. I have a hard time forgiving people- mainly because I have a hard time forgiving myself. I'm my worst critic- it's never good enough, right enough, moral enough, I could have done better, and so on and so on.

The sentence that grabbed me, convicted me, and really made me think was: "As Christians we are called to live as Christ did, to live from a place of values and not feelings." WOW. Double wow. This really speaks to me on multiple levels- as a Christian, as a woman, and as someone who has struggled greatly over the last year just trying to get through the day.

As a Christian I struggle with the concept that God loved us, loves us enough to send his own son to die for our sins- and that in this death Christ offers us the ultimate forgiveness- think about it- how often do you do things for people you are angry at, that you are holding a grudge against, that have hurt you and you haven't let go of that hurt? If you're like me, not many times. But yet, here was this man- this king- and he forgave us the fact that he had to die for us. He showed us how to live from a place of value in that one act- not to mention all the other acts. WOW.

As a woman- well, really, does this need explanation? I mean, for the most part we are pretty touchy feely creatures. Feelings- that's the good stuff. Pull up a chair and we'll talk. As an artist- well that's even more important- I want my art, other's art to touch you, to evoke feelings, that lead to thoughts, that lead to more feelings. So to think about putting my feelings aside seems a little foreign to me.

As someone who has struggled with forgiveness this last year- perhaps this is just what I needed to hear- a reminder that I need to forgive, need to let go, and to live from a place of value. I've spent much time this last year trying to figure out how the people closest to me could hurt me when I was down, and how to let that go. It's not been easy- at all- but maybe, just maybe, that letting go, and living from a place of value will bring me that much closer to God, and to what he calls me to do. On multiple levels- in all aspects of my life.

Really makes me think- here I was trying to live by my values, integrity, and to hear this and realize that hey, I might just be missing the mark.
Food for thought- and thought needed for action.