Monday, March 28, 2011

Ohio River

Recent photos from the flooding. I usually park on the landing right near this sign.

And this is the walkway along the top of Serpentine wall. Pretty wild.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The (Coming) End of the Road

Things I will miss about the church in Dayton:

1. Time with RW
2. Working with RW
3. the people
4. The garden
5. Baking
6. Potlucks

Things I won't miss:
1. The drive
2. The politics
3. Doing the bulletin EVERY WEEK
4. Negative comments and criticism about the above item- hey- I do it for free, week in and week out. Somebody else can step up and take the crap
5. The music- old dead people tunes DO NOT appeal to me
6. Being labeled the secretary- nothing wrong with being a secretary, but if that's what I am, well, where's the paycheck?
7. Labels- I get to be a CHRISTIAN again- no labels!!!!
8. Feeling like it's a job and not church