Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living the Dream

Just haven't figured out whose yet- lol. It's been a busy summer. Vacation, travel,  lots of house projects and my first full grandchild on the way. It's a girl!!! Woo hoo.

Um, I'm not old enough to be a full grandma. Oh well, I guess that's life. When I picture a grandma I remember Grandma Flynn, and how she was a little round thing that baked cookies, didn't work and well, I'm not sure what she did with her time when I wasn't around. She was a cute little thing- round as a watermelon, and gray as a rock. Always had an apron on, and fresh baked cookies in the cookie jar. Well, that's not me. Breaking a paradigm here. I was up on a 6 foot ladder finishing drywall not more than a half hour ago. And I was jamming to AC/DC. Somehow that image just doesn't fit with my picture of a grandma. Oh well, I guess Autumn will learn to love me as I am, and not as I "should" be. Instead of cookies it will be frappacinos from Starbucks. Instead of playing the piano we'll be painting anything and everything. Instead of only seeing her at holidays we'll be hanging all the time. Instead of Glenn Miller- who I love btw, it will be anything from AC/DC to Casting Crowns or the Boston Pops, and everything in between, well except rap- haven't ever developed a fondness for that.

I went to Florida last month with my "better" half- that really depends on what day of the week it is, lol. Florida in June is nice, right? Not- it rained every day- and not just a little bit. We're talking all day rain- for 5 of the 8 days we were there. Not good. I got up every day at 5 just to try and get some good snaps of the sunrise. Didn't manage to do that. But here are a couple that I took. More later. I've only got 2500 photos to go thru...
Sunrise-probably the best I saw