Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Beautiful Spring Day

HI! What a great day in Cincinnati. Wish it could be this perfect all year along, but then we would get complacent about it, wouldn't we? Let me tell you how great this camera is. Love it! Went down to Ault Park today- I think it was Ault- the one by Lunken Airport. Played around with the camera and lens. Fun times!
I decided that I want to do a study of lines- pleasing my graphic designer side here, so here are some of them...

I loved the contrast of this.

and this... I loved the texture of the tree- I'm sure that it's diseased, which is sad- but the bark was peeling, and created this incredible texture, and it "fit" with my lines.

The neatest thing about this camera- the ability to take as many photos as I like and then delete what I don't like and doesn't work. Pretty darn cool. More to come...