Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Year

Time flies when you're having fun. Another year is here. Wow. In the final stretch for school and wondering what the next step is. Kinda wondering why I did it- but hey, it was a goal. Check that of my life list. That's a pretty good feeling. Not looking forward to the next step-Looking for a new job scares the you know what out of me- is this a good time to do it? The economy sucks!!!
Things are going pretty well at the church. I'm feeling a little stressed about it. I wonder how preachers' wives do it. Maybe they don't face the same challenges that preacher's S.O.'s do. I sure hope not! I wonder if the conflicts that I face there are normal? I get everything from comments about my relationship, to disrespect for anything and everything that I say or do. Makes me wonder what I'm doing, and why God wants me to do it. One of the best things about it has been the growth in faith I've experienced. I have come to realize that a.- God keeps you going when the going gets rough and b.when He wants you to do something He is consistent. Can't argue with God, ya' know.
Ok- more photos and art work to come. Gallery showing in April- talk about stress. But it's good stress. And I do have a new stress reliever- a new puppy- Mady. Well, it's really Steph's but I get to share. A chi- so small and cute. Once she wakes up I will take a photo and post it. She is so sweet.
Ok- until next time- whenever that might be-
Blessings and love, praise and glory,